AlFurqan Islamic Centre has two specific phases of development at this stage and is hoping that all brothers and sisters will contribute towards these remaining noble projects and will be explained more detailed in here.

Phase 1:

is the opening up and underpinning of the basement to completely re-arrange its layout and putting new metal columns and beams to hold the whole building. This phase has been completed with the help of Allah.

Phase 2:

Is regarding the full refurbishment of the basement utilising its wonderfully large space. The new open area will house toilet and wudhu facilities for men and women, Library, New Muslim Centre, a fantastic new Youth Centre, and other facilities. With all these amazing new facilities we can expand the many benefits this centre can provide to the community of Leicester.


Future Projects

Looking to the future Insha'Allah, phase 3 will encompass the refurbishment of the ground floor to house the prayer halls for men and women. Moving all prayer facilities to the ground floor will provide the opportunity to allow better access for the disabled and our elders within the community. Also, in this phase, we need to have an adequate disable access to the whole centre and to modify good's lift that is in the building into a proper passenger's lift in the centre.

However, the phase 2 and 3 are our imminent focus to cover the full refurbishment and to equip the whole new facilities, we are looking to raise £1.9 million. We urgently need your financial assistance to complete these noble projects and full renovation of the centre building and may ALLAH bless us all with the opportunity and ability to work for his deen (Ameen)?

Phase 3